The “People Platform Award” was an internal annual award presented to the Architecture firms office with the best culture.

The design inspiration was one of unity and visual connection – hence the circle with the ball bearings representing the people. With the understanding that one person in the office could have an enormous impact on another, and that office could only be a success if all the people were working together as one.

The design consisted on a concealed magnet which allowed the ball bearings to appear as if they were floating. The strength of the magnet allowed for a high level of user interaction with the ball bearings, this resulted in some unique formations and unexpected results.

Knowing we could improve upon the inconsistency of having a new office name engraved each year, we resolved to have a smaller ball bearing placed on the etched base design to identify the winning office in a consistent manner from year to year.

  • / Signage
  • / Industrial Design

Client: Woodhead

Date: 2009

Award: Design institute of Australia 2010 – Objects & Industrial Design