Central Land Council

The CLC is an organisation representing over 90 Aboriginal groups and communities in the southern half of the Northern Territory. Based in Alice Springs, their new offices house administrative staff that help to record and maintain those cultures as well as provide legal representation in respect to land rights.

Our aspect involved extensive consultation with CLC staff and indigenous stakeholders as well as integration with the Architectural and Interior design vision to make this a completely holistic project.

Graphic images and themes were developed that were not only sensitive to the cultural lore and customs of the CLC’s clients but also represented the activities of the staff in respect to land mapping, cartographic, legal, cultural and anthropological activities.

The project covered external signage and branding as well as all internal environmental graphics, designed to provide a vibrant and inspirational space for both visiting clients and staff.

/ Signage + Wayfinding

/ Interior Graphics

/ Interpretive Elements

Client: Central Land Council

Date: 2010

Award: AIA NT The George Chaloupka Award for Interior Architecture